Musikhochschule Freiburg title
Briansk, House of Culture
Solo Piano Recital
Gilels' first trial run of the beginning of his cycle 'History of the Piano Sonata' (date not exact)
Scarlatti Sonata in F major K 518, 518
Sonata in F minor K 466, 466
Sonata in A major K113, 345
Sonata in D minor K 141, 141
Sonata in D minor K 32, 32
Sonata in A minor K 175, 175
Sonata in G major K 125, 125
Bach Keyboard Sonata in A major Wq. 56, 56
Haydn Sonata No. 33 in C minor Hob.XVI:20
Clementi Sonata in C major Opus 34 no 1